¿Aguas cristalinas?

Crystalline waters?

Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant endemic to the Mediterranean and is a vital component of the marine ecosystems in the Balearic Islands.

It is an underwater marine plant that forms underwater meadows. These meadows are vital for the marine ecosystem of the Balearic Islands, as they provide shelter, reproduction and food for a wide variety of marine species, including fish, mollusks and crustaceans. They also help maintain water clarity and beach health by reducing coastal erosion.

It is a protected species in the Balearic Islands and throughout the Mediterranean. Their importance to the health of the marine ecosystem has led to the implementation of conservation measures to protect these underwater meadows, including the delimitation of protection areas, navigation and anchoring regulations, and public awareness of the importance of their conservation.

Posidonia faces several threats, including pollution, boat anchoring, destructive fishing and climate change. The degradation of Posidonia meadows can have negative effects on marine biodiversity and water quality.

Protecting posidonia is one of the most important aspects of sustainable tourism in the Balearic Islands. Visitors are encouraged to respect boating and diving regulations to avoid damaging these underwater meadows.

As it is a fundamental component of marine ecosystems, its conservation is vital for the health of the seas and beaches.

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