Los 7 faros de Menorca

The 7 lighthouses of Menorca

Menorca has several lighthouses along its coast, which not only serve as navigation signs, but are also emblematic and charming points to watch the moon rise or the sun set.

1. Favàritx Lighthouse

Located on the north coast of Menorca, the Favàritx Lighthouse is one of the most emblematic lighthouses on the island. Its white architecture and rocky surroundings make it a picturesque place to visit.

2. Punta Nati Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located on the west coast of Menorca, near the city of Ciutadella. It offers stunning views of the cliffs and the surrounding sea.

3. Cavalleria Lighthouse

Located on the northern tip of the island, the Cavalleria Lighthouse is the most iconic lighthouse in Menorca. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape of dunes and beaches from this point.

4. Sa Farola Lighthouse

Perhaps it is the most "urban". It is located in Ciutadella and marks the entrance to the city's port.

5. Illa de l'Aire Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located on the island of Aire, which is located south of Menorca. To get there, you can take a boat from Punta Prima. The views from this lighthouse are impressive.

6. Artrutx Lighthouse

We are located on the southwest coast of Menorca, near Ciudadela. Its rocky surroundings and white tower are distinctive features.

7. San Carlos Lighthouse

Located very close to Mahón, at the mouth of the port. It is located in a military zone and cannot be visited.

Lighthouses are popular places for excursions and to enjoy the sunset, so if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit some of them during your trip to Menorca.

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