Lo que vas a encontrar en los mercados de Menorca

What you will find in the markets of Menorca

The markets of Menorca are filled with a variety of local and artisan products. A bet on the km.0 proximity product:

1. Agricultural products : fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit and other products grown on the island.

2. Mahón Cheese : Menorca is famous for its Mahón cheese, a dairy product made with raw milk that typically has three varieties: cured, semi-cured and aged. A delicious treat often found in local markets.

3. Sobrasada : a typical sausage from the Balearic Islands, sobrasada is a mixture of minced pork with spices.

4. Bakery products : fresh bread, ensaimadas and other baked delights.

5. Local crafts : You can find pottery, jewelry, weaving, baskets, and other products handmade by local artisans.

6. Clothing and textiles : In some markets you will find clothing, beachwear and other textile items.

7. Local herbs : Menorca is known for its aromatic herbs, such as herbal liqueur, which is often sold in the markets.

8. Gourmet products : extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, honey and other successful local products.

9. Fish and Seafood – Stalls selling fresh fish and locally caught seafood.

10. Cosmetics: Some markets offer skin care products made with natural ingredients from the island.

Each market in Menorca can offer a slightly different selection of products, so it is worth exploring several of them to discover the diversity of local products available. Markets can also vary by season and location, so you may find different things at different times of the year and in different areas of the island.

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