Excursiones en barco por Menorca

Boat excursions around Menorca

Menorca offers a wide variety of boat excursions that will allow you to explore its beautiful coast, hidden coves and crystal clear waters. Here are some of the best boat excursions you can enjoy in Menorca:

Boat trip along the south coast

This type of excursion will take you along the southern coast of Menorca, where you can visit coves such as Cala Mitjana, Cala Trebalúger and Cala Macarella. Many of these tours include stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Route through the marine reserve of Isla del Aire

Isla del Aire is a small island south of Menorca that is part of a marine reserve. Boat tours around this area are ideal for spotting marine life such as fish, seabirds and possibly dolphins.

Sailboat ride at sunset

Enjoy a relaxing sunset sailboat ride, which is a romantic way to watch the sun set over the sea while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Catamaran routes

Some companies offer catamaran routes that will take you to multiple coves and beaches in a single day, such as Cala Galdana, Cala en Porter and Cala Turqueta.

Glass Bottom Tours

Some boats have glass bottoms, which will allow you to see marine life without having to dive. These excursions are ideal for people of all ages.

Sea cave exploration

Menorca has a series of sea caves, such as the Cova des Coloms. You can join a boat excursion that will take you to explore these fascinating geological formations.

Kayak and paddleboard rides

Some boat excursions also offer the possibility of kayaking and paddleboarding in quiet, protected coves.

Whichever you choose, exploring the coast of Menorca from the sea is an unforgettable experience.

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