Artesanía de Menorca

Menorcan crafts

Menorca has a rich artisan tradition that encompasses various disciplines, from ceramics and shoemaking to jewelry and textile production. Here you have an overview of the typical crafts of Menorca:


Ceramics are a popular art form in Menorca. Local potters create tableware, vases, tiles and decorative objects in traditional and modern designs. One of the characteristic styles of the island is ceramics with blue motifs.


The famous sandals of Menorca, known as "abarcas" or "menorquinas", are a distinctive artisanal product. These traditional leather sandals feature a recycled tire sole and criss-cross leather straps.


Menorcan jewelers create unique jewelery using local materials and traditional techniques. Semi-precious stones and shells are combined with metals to make high-quality pieces.


Local weavers use handlooms to create textiles such as blankets, rugs and tapestries. These fabrics often feature traditional geometric patterns.

Traditional clothes

Traditional Menorca clothing includes skirts, shawls, shawls and typical hats. Some local artisans continue to make and maintain these traditional garments.


Basket weaving is an ancient craft in Menorca. Baskets and baskets are made with cane and other local materials. These baskets are used to transport food and other products.


Embroidery is a popular art form on the island, and beautifully embroidered towels, tablecloths, and linens can be found at local craft stores.

Musical instruments

The manufacture of traditional musical instruments, such as the "xeremies" (Menorcan bagpipes), is a unique craft that has been preserved over the years.

Leather objects

In addition to "abarcas" sandals, you can find other handmade leather products, such as belts, wallets and bags.


Esparto grass, a wild plant that grows in Menorca, is used to make artisanal products such as hats, espadrilles and tapestries.

The crafts of Menorca reflect the rich history and culture of the island. Many local artisans have inherited their skills and techniques from previous generations, contributing to the preservation of these traditions. If you visit Menorca, do not hesitate to explore the local craft shops to purchase unique and authentic products that reflect the essence of the island.

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