S'agoa jewels are made to enjoy them,

wear them and transport yourself to summer nights


Our jewels are made with natural gemstones and finished with a touch of 925 Silver.

We use this material due to its quality, it never loses its properties.




Feel free to wear your jewels on a daily basis, even if they get dirty or darker, because they can always be cleaned and will get their natural shine back.

As we want your S'agoa jewel shine as the first day, here we give you some tips to take care of your jewel:


Wear it on your day-to-day.

Don't worry if it gets darker, it is easy to clean and it looks brand new.


The magic recipe to clean 925 Silver.

Mix soft soap with warm water and brush with a toothbrush softly.

If you don't get the initial shine, repeat the process with clean water.


When to take the jewel off

It is better not to wear it to sleep, avoiding accidents, or take off your rings when it's time to take something heavy to avoid deformations.


When not wearing it with you...

Keep it in a fresh and dry place, away from sun exposure.

For example, inside a jewel box or in individual plastic bags with hermetic closing.

In this way, its color won't be altered while it is kept.




Pieces of 925 Silver with a gold-plated cover have a gold tonality that makes us fall in love.

A protective coat has been applied to these pieces, which helps to prevent the shine loss.

However, it is important to follow some easy tips to keep the shine longer:


Avoid contact with...

Chemical or corrosive products, such as perfume or make up.


Take off your jewels to...

Work out, swim or sleep.

In this way, you avoid contact with sweat, chlorine, salty water, accidents and deformations.


Clean without brushing, since it can entail shine loss.


Important note

Pieces of 925 Silver with a gold-plated cover require treating them with care because they are more susceptible to color loss over time.

The speed at which the color vanishes depends on multiple factors, such as the use of chemical products, contact with sweat or the pH of every person.



Can I swim with jewels?


With 925 Silver jewels, yes!

If they turn darker, you can clean them and get them brand new.

With gold-plated 925 Silver jewels, better not to.

Exposing them to water accelerates the gold color loss, giving place to the silver color of 925 Silver.

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